Student Testimonies

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Built of Hopes and Dreams…


“St. Francis creates a safe, loving environment where students can express what they enjoy and believe.  There is a strong anti-bullying program in this school which makes everyone feel included and loved.  We all see God in one another and love our neighbor as ourselves.  Everyone involved at St. Francis cares about others and strives to live a faith filled and loving life.”    ~Alia (8th grade)


“The reason I have had such an amazing experience at St. Francis is because of the people.  When I came here in third grade the kids and teachers welcomed me with open arms and I never felt alone.”   ~Megan (8th grade)


IMG_0974.JPG“I am proud to go to St. Francis and I think I have grown in both maturity and faith because of my experience here at St. Francis.  This is a fantastic school that I am happy to be enrolled in and I am sad to leave this year.”  ~Nick (8th grade)


“St. Francis of Assisi school has a wide variety of fine arts programs like band, choir, violin, drama and musical theater.  St. Francis of Assisi School gives students the freedom to pick what they want to do.”  ~Ryan (8th grade)


IMG_9830.JPG“I’ve made plenty of friends in several grades. I love our school and I wouldn’t change anything about it.”   ~Ryan (5th grade)


“I like St. Francis because my mom went to this school.  I like my teachers.  I love music and gym.”  (1st grade)


“I like school.  You pray every day.  School makes me smart.  I love school.”  (1st grade)


“St. Francis has helped me discover my faith from the teachers, I have learned about the core Catholic values and truths in a new way.  With the help of Father Bosco and Father James, I have made a deeper connection with Jesus Christ.  I have learned to go to Him in times of sorrow and need to ask for help, as well as times of joy and excitement to give thanks for my blessings.  Being able to practice my faith openly, surrounded by people who support my journey is one of the greatest things in the world.”  ~Viviana (7th grade)


DSCF1126.JPG“I will carry the teachings I have learned throughout my entire life.  Even now, whenever I have a struggle or quarrel I can count on these lessons to remind me to love, love, love!” ~Emma (7th grade)


“There are so many reasons why St. Francis is my favorite place to be.  I have grown up with my class, having been at the school for nine years, and I feel as though we are all one big family.  All of the teachers act as parents and guide us throughout our learning. 

One of the most important lessons I have learned at St. Francis is to always be kind to others, no matter what the circumstances are.  I love being so close to everyone in my class because we all love each other.”  ~Julia (8th grade)


“Saint Francis of Assisi School has been one of the most important parts of my life.  I have been pushed to do my best and achieve all my goals.  I have learned that we are all equal in God’s eyes and everyone deserves the best… St. Francis has really helped me find out who I am and my place in the world.”  ~Lexie (8th grade)


“St. Francis has been like a trampoline for me.  It has given me a foundation that is firm, yet flexible, and will allow me to soar through life.  I have flourished here, and now I am at a point that I could never have dreamed of in the past.  My faith-based community has given me the tools I need to know what I would like to do for the rest of my life.”  ~Aria (8th grade)


“I love Saint Francis School because it has such a sense of community among the students and teachers.  I am part of a family that I know, in my heart, will always be there for me.”   ~Grace (8th grade)


IMG_2827.JPG“Every day, when I walk into those front doors, no matter what mood I’m in or what happened to me earlier, St. Francis has always found a way to put a smile on my face.” ~Marcus (8th grade)


“St. Francis has extensive, open arms to me, and to everyone else that joins the astonishing school.”  ~Samantha (7th grade)


IMG_1920.JPG“I, myself, have been to four different schools and this is undoubtedly my favorite. I switched from homeschooling to St. Francis in 6th grade. The first week or two I was very quiet and shy, but during this time period everyone would be kind to me. As the year went on I realized that I had more friends than I would have ever thought. The religious program we have here is a program that helps each and every student how to have a greater relationship with Jesus Christ.”  ~Simonne (7th grade)


“The best part of St. Francis, in my eyes, is that everyone in the school is always there for me and I am always there for them.”  ~Ryan (8th grade)


“The strong friendships I built, the small classes that allowed more one-on-one teaching, the privilege to have new technology, and most importantly the ability to learn and talk about my faith freely with my peers and teachers. Staying at St. Francis was a great decision.”  ~Peter (8th grade)


“I love St. Francis School because it gives me a strong foundation for my faith and teaches me essential subjects at the same time. It provides an encouraging environment that allows me to grow in my faith, knowledge, and social skills.”  ~Matthew (8th grade)


“St. Francis not only cares about a student's education but also their well-being. I would not have the connection that I have with Christ if I did not go to this school. Being able to attend mass every Friday is an experience like no other. St. Francis made me the person I am today and I feel truly blessed to have had this experience.”  ~Sarah (8th grade)


“You will find opportunities that will change the way you look at life. This is why I love St. Francis. I also love St. Francis because of all the effort put in by every single teacher in the school.”  ~Catie (8th grade)


“I instantly fell in love with this school. When I got here, I was blown away with all the exciting activities they had for us. From the short time I’ve been here, it’s felt like I’ve known everyone here my whole life. I wouldn’t choose any other school.”  ~Maddy (7th grade)


DSC_0398.JPG“Every day is a new day of fun and learning. The teachers are there to help you succeed.”

~Lily (7th grade)


“The teachers at St. Francis help you make wise decisions, but most importantly, they teach you how to be nice. If you choose to send your child to St. Francis, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make.”  ~Ian (6th grade)


“St. Francis has brought me a lot closer to God in my faith.”  ~Amelia (6th grade)



“I couldn’t imagine going to a different school other than St. Francis. The school itself is a holy place for kids to worship God and learn. St. Francis has really changed my life and I hope it changes hundreds more. The students, teachers, and staff all put it together for us to learn, so let’s learn!”  ~Madison (6th grade)


IMG_1892.JPG“I’ve made several friends because of the people they are on the inside.”  ~Michio (3rd grade)


“I like St. Francis because the teachers of classrooms and specials are nice. In the school every student is nice, nobody’s mean, it’s a very nice school.”  ~Harmon (2nd grade)


“I love this school, you should be thankful that you are here. I can’t wait to remember this school later in my life and I will certainly will.”  ~Mallory (2nd grade)


“St. Francis has helped me explore more things in my education. It has inspired me to try new things and make new friends, but most of all St. Francis has made me a stronger believer in God. That is why I love St. Francis of Assisi School!”  ~Maddie (6th grade)


“I like St. Francis because the school donates money to the poor.”  ~Charlotte (1st grade)

DSC_0009 - Copy.JPG

“I think you should come to St. Francis because you do fun stuff like gym and music.”

~Caleb (1st grade)


“I like the teachers here. I like how they help me. I like that I have friends here. I like the projects. I love everything.”  ~Allie (2nd grade)


“I like St. Francis because you get to play violin in kindergarten and you get to go to Eucharistic Adoration to spend time with the Lord. And the teachers are very nice, and that is why I like St. Francis.”  ~Carter (3rd grade)


7th Grade (27).JPG“I have been at St. Francis School for eight years, 1st grade through 8th grade. St. Francis is not just a school for me, it is a second home. I love learning my faith and what it means to be Catholic each and every day I’m at school. My life has really been changed by the people at St. Francis. St. Francis has made me the person I am today and that is something I am eternally grateful for.”  ~Sarah (8th grade)


“The greatest gift this school has given me is the ability to freely strengthen and share my faith. I couldn’t imagine not having God as a part of my day, and St. Francis has influenced my decision to continue my Catholic education. I have made lifelong friends.  I hope all kids will have the same chance to partake in such a remarkable education.”  ~Ryan (8th grade)