Leadership Circle

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St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School

Educational Trust Fund

Leadership Circle

The Educational Trust Fund (ETF) at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School is all about preserving the outstanding Catholic education provided at our school. To ensure strong, consistent growth of the Trust Fund over time, a new initiative launched in 2011 to build an “ETF Leadership Circle”. The ETF Leadership Circle is comprised of families who make a multi-year pledge to the Trust Fund of at least $1,000 per year, for five, consecutive years.

Many families have committed to participating in the ETF Leadership Circle. This is a tremendous blessing to help ensure the strong, consistent growth of the Trust Fund over time. That in turn enables a strong, consistent award to the school each year to support operations.  This year (2016/2017) the award totaled $87,000, the highest ever.

Father James, Mrs. Pritzel and the ETF Trustees extend heartfelt thanks to these families who have responded to a ‘call to leadership’ and invested in the future of outstanding Catholic education at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School.

As Catholics, we are called to give thanks for what God has given us by investing in the present and future of the young people in our Catholic community.  Please prayerfully consider if this is the year for your family to join the ETF Leadership Circle.  You are invited to contact Colleen Pierce, Director of Stewardship & Development at cpierce@stfrancisa2.org or 734-821-2208 for more information.



Leadership Circle Commitment Form  

Past Membership
"Class of 2011"
William & Mary Claire Anhut
Herbert & Christine Black
Christopher & Traci Coffman
Bill & Ehren Dirksen
Mark & Karen Falahee
Marc & Julianna Feeney
Ted Fosdick
Robert & Angela Geppner
William & Angela Giannobile
Glenn & Amy Gottfried
Steve & Debra Hermann
William & Susan Hermann
Jeff & Stacey Higgins

Rick & Elizabeth Jarzembowski
Steve & Julie Lavender
Mike & Stacey Marsh
Steve & Lisa Morris
Tim & Shann Patton
Greg & Laurie Ruselowski
Michael & Kimm Sarosi
George & Judi Schwartz
Manak & Lucienne Sood
Mark & Jane Vogel
Thomas & Mary Wakefield


Current Membership

"Class of 2016"

Herbert & Christine Black*

Patti Dobbs

Robert Ferris &
Barbara Kelly-Ferris

Doris Filisko*

Glenn & Amy Gottfried*

William & Susan Hermann*

Jeff & Stacey Higgins*

Edward & Mary Krasny

Steve & Julie Lavender*

Bruce & Ann Moln

Michael & Kimm Sarosi*

Glenn & Karen Sievert

George & Judi Schwartz*

Manak & Lucienne Sood*

Peter & Colleen Tassie

*(Renewed Member)

"Class of 2015"

Jim & Ginny Birchler

Doug & Charlene Plagens

Bob & Michelle Schwartz

"Class of 2014"

Thomas Sidlik & Rebecca Boylan

Greg Lobdell

Andi Lobdell

Marty & Karen Lutz

Patrick & LeeAnn McKeon

Mark & Michelle Updike

"Class of 2013"

David & Monika Barera

Peter & Jane DeChants

Daniel & Daisy Demlow

Frank & Kim La Marca

Mike & Diane Leoni

Christopher & Karen Ongena

Joe & Deb Purcell

John-Paul & Clare Stando

Dave & Kathie Sullivan

Nancy Wiernik +
+ (deceased)

"Class of 2012"

James & Ann Marie Borders

Timothy & Jamie Cahill

John & Denise Carethers

Doris Filisko

Tom & Gigi Jetton

Florence Kruzas

John & Bridget McGillicuddy

David & Kathy Swastek

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Life Insurance

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