History (Educational Trust Fund)

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In 1987, then Pastor Fr. Raymond Rademacher, along with some far-sighted parishioners established the Educational Trust Fund (ETF) originally to provide funding for all religious education in the Parish.

Under the guidance of then Pastor Fr. Charles Irvin, a drive to fund the ETF was held in 1988, which raised $500,000 from several hundred parishioners. In 2000, the Trust doument was amended so that St. Francis of Assisi School would be the sole beneficiary.

In 2001, Pastor Fr. James McDougall and the ETF Board of Trustees established the first annual fundraiser for the Fund - a benefit at St. John’s Seminary in Plymouth. This annual event has become the social highlight of the Parish - soon to be in its 15th year.

The ETF also receives bequests of cash, as well as being recognized in decedents’ estates. Interest income and unrealized investment income make up the balance of the annual net income.  For the year ending June 30, 2015, the balance invested with the Diocese of Lansing was $2,001,750.

In accordance with the terms of the Trust document, each year five percent of the average of the last three years’ beginning fund balance is disbursed to St. Francis School - the most recent distribution being $78,000.  Since its inception, the ETF has paid out nearly $1,000,000 to the school.  The long-range goal of the ETF is a $10,000,000 corpus, the income from which should go a long way toward ensuring a stable future for St. Francis of Assisi School.

Today, our school, with its highly educated and robust faculty and staff is recognized as one of the leading Catholic schools in the Lansing Diocese.