Program Overview

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Answering the Need
The St. Francis Extended School Program is a service provided to the parents of St. Francis Elementary and Middle School families in response to the need for before-school, preschool, enrichment kindergarten, after-school and no-school day child care.

Christian Environment
The Extended School Program is designed to complement the school curriculum by providing children with a supportive and Christian environment for constructive and creative out-of-school time. Students look forward to spending time with their classmates in a relaxed atmosphere where they can participate in structured and non-structured recreational activities.

Daily Program
The program is organized so that children have a choice of activities in which to participate each day. Choices may include outdoor play, organized sports, arts and crafts, table games, computers, small group games, science, cooking, music, drama, and other educational, but fun activities. Children are able to participate in both large and small group activities as well as individual projects. In addition to the activities presented by the teachers children are encouraged to develop activity ideas themselves.

Children in the after-school program may alternate between similar age groupings and mixed age groupings depending on the time of the day. Children in the after-school program may also participate in the various extra-curricular activities offered at St. Francis School. Arrangements are made by the ESP staff and the person in charge of the activity to transition the children between the classroom, the extra-curricular activity and ESP.

Programs Offered

  • Preschool Program
    A full-day program for Four-Year-Olds offered in St. Francis School. Part-time and half day schedules may be available depending on enrollment.
  • Before and After-School 
  • This program provides before and after school childcare to the children enrolled in St. Francis of Assisi School.  Families have the opportunity to schedule care that meets the needs of their family.  Set schedules and drop-in care are available.  
  • Middle School
    This after-school program for seventh and eighth grade students is a different structure to meet the special needs of this age-group.
  • Homework Club
    A program for students in 2nd through 6th grade offered Monday through Thursday provides a quiet setting where children can complete homework.
  • No-School and Half-School Day Programs
    Special programs are offered on many of the no-school and half-day sessions. To plan for these days, refer to the school calendar.

For more information, continue to explore the sections on our website under Extended School Program or contact the program director, Diane Sheffrey at dsheffrey [at] stfrancisaa [dot] org or 734-821-2290.

Resources and Forms
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