Seventh Grade

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Ship Trip
The seventh graders travel to Lake Michigan for three days in the early part of the school year. The overall educational goal of the trip is to instill in students a strong sense that part of our duty, as servants of God, is to protect the home He has given us.  We expect that the majority of students will grow up and live here in our great state of Michigan, and it is our belief that knowledge of the history and natural resources of the state will make them more committed and capable stewards. The highlight of the trip is a voyage on the Inland Seas schooner to learn about marine biology, seamanship, and stewardship of the Great Lakes.  We also visit Hartwick Pines State Park and Sleeping Bear Dunes. The students participate in team building activities, a ropes course, bonfires, and Mass. This trip is often listed as one of the highlights of students as they look back on their years at St. Francis of Assisi School.

Core Curriculum
St. Francis seventh offers a strong and varied academic curriculum.

Religion: Our seventh-grade program has two components. The first component of the Faith First Morality series is Life in Christ, which focuses on the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments. The second is, Mystery of God, where students study the life of Jesus Christ.

Math: Our seventh-grade program is a general math class designed to prepare students for the eighth-grade emphasis on algebra.

English: Our seventh-grade program covers many different language mechanics as well as the essential components of writing, speaking and listening skills.

Literature: Seventh-grade literature focuses on literary appreciation for genres, styles and authors, as well as vocabulary and the role it plays in speech and written work.

Vocabulary: The seventh-grade classes use the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop, levels B. Each book focuses on definitions, context, synonyms, and antonyms. The online component includes an audio program and interactive games and puzzles.

Social Studies: Seventh-grade students cover the history of the United States from its beginning to the time of Reconstruction.

Science: Seventh-graders study Project-Based Inquiry Science, a cutting-edge science curriculum designed to give students the skills and practice they need to think and act like scientists. They solve real-world problems by collecting and analyzing data, working collaboratively, running experiments, writing explanations, and making presentations. Students study animals, viruses and bacteria, body systems, vehicles, and water quality.

Spanish: All seventh graders take Spanish. They cover noun gender, adjectives, and how to conjugate verbs. They continue to build vocabulary started in the primary grades and study Hispanic culture.