Science Laboratory

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The St. Francis School Science Lab is located on the second floor in our middle school. Our science lab coordinator works with the grade-level teachers to find and perform experiments that enhance the current classroom science curriculum. Third graders visit the science lab bi-weekly and fourth- through sixth-grade students visit it each week. Students in seventh and eighth grade use the science lab daily. The lab is well-equipped for all science disciplines studied. It also includes a variety of plants and animals for the students to care for and observe.

St. Francis Annual Science Fair
Students in grades three through eight participate in the annual science fair. Third, fifth and seventh graders hone their research and scientific writing skills as they write a research paper on a topic of their choice. Each student in grades four, six and eight determine an investigation question and develop a science project to answer that question. Their projects are judged by scientists from the wider Ann Arbor community. In addition, eighth graders enter their science fair projects in the annual Southeast Michigan Science Fair.