Preschool (School Community)

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Preschool Program for Four-Year-Olds
Our program is a full-day preschool program offered through St. Francis Elementary and Middle School. Part-time and half day schedules may be available depending on enrollment. Contact Diane Sheffrey at dsheffrey [at] stfrancisaa [dot] org. or 734-821-2290.

Program Hours
Full Day Preschool    7:45 am – 3:00 pm
Half Day Preschool    7:45 am - noon 


Daily Program
 The Preschool Program for 4-year-olds is a theme-based program. Through monthly or weekly themes, the children will explore a wide variety of topics. Concepts are presented through a combination of teacher-directed activities and play-based activities. The preschool children will:

  • Play educational games focusing on math, letters, memory, etc.
  • Participate in dramatic play activities
  • Practice fine motor skills using a wide range of building and construction toys
  • Begin writing letters, numbers and words
  • See their words and ideas in writing
  • Be able to participate in art and craft activities
  • Have hands-on science and cooking experiences
  • Have the opportunity for one-on-one work to meet individual needs

Enrichment Opportunities
The children in the preschool class will have the opportunity to participate in a daily enrichment classes.  During weekly visits to the Art and Music classrooms the children will be able to explore their artistic talents.  The Spanish teacher will visit the classroom each week to introduce the children to the language and culture.  The children will have the opportunity to have a structured gym period each week led by the St. Francis School physical education teacher.  The classroom will visit the school library for a weekly story time. 

Large Motor Activities
The children in Preschool will have daily outdoor play times except when prohibited by the weather. The children play in a large, fenced in playground geared to meet the needs of young children.  Several weekly periods of free play are available in the gym.

Kindergarten Readiness
During the later part of the year the classroom will begin focusing on kindergarten readiness.  The children will work on:

  • Increasing their ability to listen and follow directions
  • Mastering basic independence and self-help skills
  • Gaining a basic understanding of number concepts and letter recognition
  • Developing the pre-literacy skills needed to read and write
  • Color, shape and spatial recognition skills  

Extended School Program 
 Preschool families have the option of enrolling in before or after-school care. 

  • Before-School Care                        6:45-7:45 am
  • After-School Care                            3:00-6:15 pm   

No-School and Half-Day Programs  
 Special programs are offered on many of the no-school and half-day sessions.  The days care is offered is indicated on the school calendar. 

Parent Committee
The Childcare Director bears overall administrative responsibility for the program’s day-to-day operations.  The Parent Committee:

  • Supports and advises the director
  • Reviews and assists in policy development
  • Recognizes the center staff at various points throughout the year
  • Recognizes staff for years-of-service
  • Assists in the planning and carrying out of the Epiphany Party
  • Assists in evaluation of the program

Resources and Forms
ESP and Enrichment Kindergarten Registration Form

Preschool Registration Form

Frequently Asked Questions – ESP

Frequently Asked Questions - Preschool


Extended School Program

Enrichment Kindergarten Program

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