Curriculum Overview

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A Unique School Experience
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School offers a unique opportunity for your child to be part of our school family from his/her first school experience in Pre-K or kindergarten through eighth-grade graduation. Our students greatly benefit from this; learning is a cumulative process and our curriculum is systematically structured to meet the Diocese of Lansing guidelines and our Michigan standards.

A strong foundation for academic success is laid in our preschool and kindergarten. St. Francis students are appropriately challenged as they progress through our school; they continue to build on their knowledge, skills and study habits through elementary and middle school. Once they reach high school, our students are confident and well-prepared to meet the challenges of this next stage in their lives.

Religion - Parents are the primary educators of their children. We, as catechists, are called to be in partnership with parents. Guided by Scripture and Tradition, we bear witness to all children entrusted to our care, so they may become faith-filled and morally responsible members of the Catholic church in the world.

Mathematics - Diocese of Lansing mathematics teachers integrate Catholic social teachings whenever applicable, i.e. faith-based data collection, economics and statistics respectful of the life and dignity of the human person, proportions and graphical representations that are illustrative of solidarity with our brothers and sisters, problem solving that will ensure the right to life and dignity, as well as math-based community service projects to encourage stewardship of creation.

Language Arts - Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lansing recognize our responsibility to God, each other, and the world for the appropriate use of God's gift of language. The goal of the language arts curriculum is to guide our students to think critically, evaluate and respond as a Christian.

Science - The mission of science education in the Diocese of Lansing is to educate our students to develop a respect for natural law through scientific knowledge and processes. Students will grow in responsibility as involved stewards of the world created by God.

Social Studies - As a Christian people of hope in the Catholic tradition, we believe in building the values of awareness, understanding and appreciation of our own national identity and of world cultures throughout history. Such understanding is necessary to enable us to address the political, economic, and environmental challenges that exist in the world today. Our goal, as Catholic educators, is to teach the skills that enable these values to be experienced by our students and integrated into their daily lives.