Fine Arts Program

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St. Francis of Assisi School is pleased to present a rich Fine Arts program. It includes visual arts, band, choir, drama, musical theater and strings.  It is a comprehensive program in which all students are able to participate.  During the year, there are many opportunities for students to display their creativity. These include two drama productions, two musical theater productions, a Christmas pageant, the Tri-Arts Program, Solo and Ensemble, the Spring Arts exhibit, the fourth-grade musical and numerous concerts and Masses. The Fine Arts curriculum is both challenging and rewarding incorporating our students' physical, academic and spiritual natures.

Visual Art - Art is an integral part of our everyday life. Throughout the ages people have used the arts to build and enrich their personal and shared environments. In art education children learn to express themselves and their feelings in visual forms that instill a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Through our art program here at St. Francis, we strive to recognize that all children are capable of expressing themselves in art, but that individuals vary a great deal in motivation and personal ability. We provide the opportunity for children to explore and experiment with a variety of media, art activities and art history, so that they may be able to find the form of personal expression that suits each of them best.

Band - Instrumental band classes are offered at St. Francis for grades five through eight.  There is a separate fifth-grade beginning band, sixth-grade cadet band and seventh- and eighth-grade Concert band.  The bands perform throughout the year.  Instruction in the standard band instruments offered include: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, tuba and percussion instruments.

General Music  - Music education is an indispensable part of a well-rounded and complete school curriculum. It is even more valuable in a Catholic school where we focus on our relationship with God. Music is an essential means of enhancing the quality of our children's lives and their worship of our Lord. All students in grades one through five have music class twice a week. Students in preschool and kindergarten attend music class once a week. Students study music composition, music history and production through singing, playing instruments, dance and movement, listening, and creating, reading and writing music. The entire fourth-grade produces a musical in the spring and fifth-grade students learn to cantor at Mass. All students participate in the annual Christmas program.

Choir Choir and cantor training is provided for those students interested in leading worship through vocal music.  Students study solo singing, singing in parts and good vocal technique. Elementary Choir is composed of third- through fifth-grade students and performs two part music.  Middle School Choir is open to sixth through eighth grade students and performs 4-part music (SATB).   Cantors are trained through these groups beginning in fifth grade. Both groups lead school masses, sing at Sunday liturgies, as well as seasonal concerts and events.  The Middle School Choir travels and has sung at the Cathedrals in Lansing and Detroit, Washington, D.C. and papal masses in Rome.

Drama - In drama class we expect to learn, explore and have fun.  Our goal is to develop students' skills and refine their abilities in all areas of drama.  Our productions are outgrowths of what we have learned. Each drama class produces a complete play in which all students have parts. Admission is charged for these performances.

Musical Theater - Each year two musicals are produced at St. Francis School. The Middle School produces a musical in February complete with auditioned leads, open chorus, choreographed dance numbers, pit orchestra, and special sound, lights, and effects. The Middle School has produced such shows as Godspell Jr., Fiddler on the Roof Jr., and Aladdin Jr. The 4th Grade Musical is a tradition that dates back decades.  Everyone in the fourth grade has a part with costumes, lines, singing, and many have solos and dance numbers. This is produced at our Mary Lou Daby Spring Arts Festival in May.

Tech Crew - Tech crew members handle the technical equipment (microphones, lights, sound boards) in our school. Students are trained to handle the sound and lighting equipment for plays, assemblies and special events. It requires time spent during class and after school.