Fifth Grade

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Our Philosophy
Fifth graders start growing toward independence but still need guidance, encouragement and support from home. We assist parents in the spiritual, educational and social development of their child as fifth graders prepare for the middle-school adventure.

Fifth-Grade Curriculum
St. Francis offers a strong and varied academic curriculum for fifth-grade students.

Religion: Faith First emphasizes the sacraments and their importance in a Catholic’s life. A Family Life program is used to help fifth graders prepare for adolescence. Fifth graders also have the opportunity to altar serve and cantor at weekly school Masses and parish Masses.

Reading: A literature-based program is used to help students become successful readers. Systematic instruction provides opportunities for students to develop a variety of strategies and skills, which will allow them to apply meaning to what they read. “Read to Succeed!” is our motto.

English: Houghton Mifflin's English provides basic grammar instruction as fifth grade focuses on the belief that an effective language arts program must include reading, writing, listening, speaking, thinking and language study.

Spelling: Zaner Bloser's Spelling focuses on words that fifth graders need to master. Weekly spelling tests are given and spelling is stressed and expected in all content areas.

Social Studies: Students are introduced to the people and events that have created the United States in Scott Foresman's, Our Nation.

Math: Instruction in all operations with whole numbers, charts and graphs, metric and standard measurement and emphasis on decimal and fraction operations occurs in fifth grade.

Technology: Technology is incorporated into all aspects of our curriculum. Students create documents, power point presentations and projects.

Handwriting: Emphasis is on neatness and forming cursive letters correctly.

Science: Life science, physical science and earth science are studied as part of fifth-grade science classes. Children learn about many related topics including adaptations; ecology; matter, motion and energy; climate and astronomy.

Specials and enrichment opportunities enhance the fifth-grade core curriculum.

Spanish: Spanish is taught to all students. Fifth grade will build vocabulary and their beginning reading, writing and conversation skills. Students will also learn about the Hispanic culture and Catholic faith with short prayers, songs and traditions.

Specials: In addition to academic classes, children have weekly art, band, computer, physical education, library and music classes.

Band: All students in fifth grade choose an instrument and participate in band instruction twice each week.

Keyboarding: Keyboarding class is taught weekly during the school year to fifth grade. Students are encouraged to use these skills on assignments.

Fifth-Grade Camp: This is a fun-filled week with emphasis on environmental education, which takes place at the YMCA Storer Camp outside Jackson, Michigan.

Field Trips: Our class field trips vary from year to year. In the past we have seen plays, visited museums and participated in lessons taught at St. Joseph Hospital.

T.E.A.M.: Washtenaw Sheriff’s Department personnel teach our students how to recognize and resist direct and subtle pressures that may influence them negatively.

Ready, Set, Let's Go to Fifth Grade!

  • At school, fifth graders are expected to practice greater responsiblity.
  • Children are expected to listen attentively and to follow both oral and written instructions.
  • Students learn to use their study time wisely to complete assignments by due dates.
  • Children need to take good care of belongings and supplies.

Road Map to Success
Classroom procedures require listening during instruction with independent follow-through. On the average, fifth graders should plan on 50 to 60 minutes of homework per night. Some assignments may be long-term projects like book reports, spelling lessons and the like. These assignments should be worked on during evenings when there is less daily homework or on the weekend if your child works at a slower pace or has many outside obligations during the school week. All assignments should be recorded in an assignment notebook and handed in on time. Getting and staying organized is a life strategy practiced in fifth grade.