Uniforms & SpiritWear

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Please see the school handbook for the school's complete dress code policy

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade wear uniforms to St. Francis School daily. Uniforms create a more formal learning environment, allowing for less distraction.

Boys and girls can wear white, light blue, navy or maroon blouses, turtlenecks and polo shirts. Shorts and pants can be either khaki or navy.

Girls in kindergarten through fifth grade wear skirts and jumpers and girls in sixth through eighth grade wear skirts. Skorts are also acceptable for girls in all grades.

Uniform attire is purchased through Lands' End. For uniform choices from Lands' End go to www.landsend.com/school. Our preferred school code is: 900136789. Only plaid jumpers are from Schoolbelles, which can be found on their website (www.schoolbelles.com). Our school code is S1711.


Revolving Uniform Closet
Look for gently used uniforms in our revolving uniform closet.  Donations can be made all year long of gently used items and the closet is open at any time if you need to find a larger or smaller size for your child.

SpiritWear Days
On SpiritWear days, students wear non-uniform clothing with the St. Francis of Assisi School or Mustang logo on it.

SpiritWear tops can be purchased through Lands' End. Students can also wear school shirts from St. Francis groups, such as choir or athletic teams for SpiritWear days.

Dress Down Days
Once a month the school has a Dress Down Day.  Students wear causal clothes but clothes should model our Catholic faith of modesty and integrity.