First Eucharist

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Nourished with Christ, We Become Christ for Each Other

Preparation for First Eucharist (Communion) for Children

Congratulations to the 120 children receiving their first Holy Communion last April 2015!

Preparation for the Sacrament of First Eucharist normally takes place in the second grade for children baptized in the Catholic Faith. Essential for the preparation of First Eucharist is regular worship in Sunday Mass, participation in religious education, previous celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, two parent and child preparation meetings, and a commitment on the part of the parents to the religious education of their children after the first reception of the Eucharist.

A first grade religious education is normally required for the preparation of First Eucharist in the second grade.  Register for 2015-16 Religious Education Classes here to begin preparation for the Sacraments!

If your child has missed some or all grades, there is a place for your child to begin sacramental preparation. For more information regarding your older child, please contact Ellen Ward at ward [at] stfrancisa2 [dot] org at 734-821-2132.

Pictured above: Children preparing for their First Eucharist participate in learning activities at the parent and child meeting last year.