Family Resources

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E.S.P. Related Childcare Links
This page contains links to websites that have good inforamtion for parents on a variety of child and parenting topics. Webiste are organiczed by category. This link is alway a work in progress. if you find a site that has been shut down, please alter the ESP office.

Family Crafts
This website covers the gamut from stuff for the sports fans on your kist to candle making and kiddie crafts.

All Crafts
Hundreds of free projects, with links to craft book sites.

Kids Domain
From cookies to Pokemon-themed crafts. Kids can make gifts for all occasions.

Homemade Instruments
Fantastic recycled object instrument ideas.

Child Care Network
Child Care Network is a local referral and information service. The organization provides parental education support through the video and book library, information on parenting classes and seminars and help with recognizing quality childcare. Child Care Network also offers help with childcare scholarships.

Health Finder
This is a medical website that local doctors say is reliable. It is a fee guide to consumer health and human services information. It was developed by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Family Doctor
This is a medical website that local doctors say is reliable. The site has health information for the whole family from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Parenting Issues
This site covers parenting and school issues.

Partnership for Learning is a nationally award-winning non-profit organization that helps schools, parents and community's work together to boost learning for children from birth through the transition to college. The Partnership publishes a newsletter called EduGuide. The newsletter is available through subscription as well as on the Internet. The website has a broad range of resources and information.

The best for late-night elementary and middle school children. Articles are easy to find, easy to read, and even include the proper citations for use in reports. The parent's section has a grade-by-grade list of milestones and learning-related articles.

Fact Monster
This site is a homework helper godsend. The site is kid friendly and loaded with graphics and easy-to navigates links.

Info Please
This site helps guide students through homework assignments

Kids Click Web Portal
This is a web portal. It contains links to thousands of appropriate sites. These sites are categorized by subject. All of the links on this site are easy to search through. Librarians compiled the links.

The Michigan Education Savings Plan is a stock based plan similar to a 401 (k). Contributions are made with after tax dollars.

The Michigan Education Trust pre-payment plan allows families to pay now for later tuition. College costs are locked in.

This site offers a wide variety of recipe ideas. Many of them are very simple. The site also offers basic cooking ideas and coupons. One of the very interesting components of this site is that it is often possible to change the serving size of the recipe. The computer will automatically rework the recipe.

Household Organization and More
This site offers household help on a wide variety of issues and topics. There are also many good recipes, quizzes and "free stuff" available.

This site has a wonderful on-line recipe collection from 40 years of Williams-Senoma special selection recipes. You can also shop or access the gift registry from this site.

Frog Sounds
This site has recordings of frog sounds from SE Michigan.

A hilarious site with riddles, jokes, drawing activities, etc.

"The yuckiest site on the internet". This is a great science site. From this site you can access the Discovery Channel site, TLC site, Animal Planet and Discovery Health. But the best part is the YUCKY stuff for kids.

Disney Fun
This site has everything Disney - vacations, crafts, merchandise, games and more.

This web site gives a pretty good rundown on the content for many older and newer movies and videos. The site has a quick-view grid that is easy to read. There is a narrative below the grid. The site is worth using to determine if a new movie is appropriate for your child.

Movie Rating
This website details every potentially objectionable element in new release movies. The site does have some advertising for birth control.

Washtenaw County
This Washtenaw County Directory of Services has been created to give you greater access to County services and programs.