Monthly News

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Below is list of PTG initiatives for the month of February.  Feedback and questions are always welcome.

(Contact: LeeAnn McKeon/Marissa Green)

Change in PTG meeting times - For the rest of this school year, we will be meeting at 8:15 am the first Monday of the month! We would like to encourage more active participation in the monthly meetings and hope that this time might allow for increased attendance. (Marissa Green)

Box Top Competition - It's time for the Spring Box Tops for Education Classroom Competition!  The competition starts Monday, February 8, so be ready to send them in to help your child's class win and to earn money for our school!  Box Tops for Education will be collected from Monday, February 8th until 3 pm on Friday, February 12th.  Only the box tops collected during this week-long period will be counted towards your student's classroom totals.  Please submit all box tops labeled with your child's room number. You can also send in Labels for Education, Tyson A+, and My Coke Rewards bottle caps. Only the Box Tops will be counted towards the competition.

We also need volunteers to clip Box Tops.**  It's easy and your help would be very appreciated!  If you have questions or would like to be on the committee to help count and sort box tops and labels, please contact Kimberly Power at

Scrip - Visit to see the full list of program retailers and rebates.  For more information about the scrip program, how to enroll, how to purchase scrip, participating in rewards programs through Busch’s and Meijer or tuition credits, please contact Eileen Peck /(734) 485-1339.

Schwan’s - Schwan’s is a fundraising frozen food program that is an easy way to help our school raise money! The current Schwan’s campaign will end on February 14, but a new Schwan’s campaign will begin immediately. If you regularly order from Schwan’s, switching to the new campaign is easy and can be done from the Schwan’s site when you check out. The new campaign ID is 26136 and will be available starting February 14. Using the new campaign, your Schwan’s purchases can generate a 20% return for St. Francis through the end of March and 5% for purchases through the end of June. If you have not yet tried Schwan’s, please consider participating in this delicious fundraiser to support the St. Francis PTG.   For details on the program, including how to place your orders, please go to the Schwan’s web site. (Contact: Eileen Peck /(734) 485-1339)

Open PTG Volunteer positions for 2016-2017 School Year -

PTG Secretary: We are looking for someone to fill the secretary position for the PTG for the 2016-17 school year. If you have any interest and would like to hear more about this position, please contact Marissa Green (Marissa Green/734-330-0301)

Scrip: We are looking for a new chair for the Scrip program for the 2016-17 school year. If you have any interest in chairing this important program, please contact Eileen Peck. (Contact: Eileen Peck /(734) 485-1339)

Schwan’s: We are looking for a new chair for the Scrip program for the 2016-17 school year. This program requires minimal effort and is a great opportunity for working parents to participate in the PTG. (Contact: Eileen Peck /(734) 485-1339)