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Support St. Francis School and earn tuition credit with
your everyday shopping!

SCRIP is fundraising while you shop. This online program is easy to use. If you shop for food, house hold items etc you can help St. Francis School. is the online ordering system that St. Francis School uses to gather your scrip orders. This site offers you convenience – you can order scrip from any internet-connected computer at home, school, or office.

Who Can Use ShopWithScrip?
Any one at St. Francis can use ShopWithScrip and help support St. Francis School by just shopping! To place orders, you have to register and create a free account.

How to Register
To register contact our program coordinator Jenny Watripont at

Manage Your Account
You can manage your account through the Family Dashboard. To access your Dashboard, click “My Account,” at the top of any page. From here, you can check your account activity, change your profile and password, add, remove, and modify organizations you belong to and read coordinator and site announcements.

Six Easy Ways to Order
To place an order, you can shop right from your Family Dashboard!

  • Favorites: Order the same products each week?
    Add these items to your Favorites list for easy ordering in the future.
  • Express Add: Know exactly what you want?
    Quickly add the items to your cart using this feature.
  • Reload: Don’t want to wait for your card to be shipped?
    Easily add funds to selected cards here.
  • Specials: Want to order the best discounts possible?
    Add these items to your cart directly from the specials list.
  • Browse: Looking for a gift? Not sure what’s available?
    Use this feature to shop by category.
  • Search Brands: Know what you want but not sure if it’s available? Enter all or part of the retailer name in the box to find a list of items containing those letters.

Like to learn from videos?
SCRIP offers instructional videos on YouTube

SCRIP for School Uniforms
SCRIP is available for both Schoolbelles (for plaid jumpers and plaid skirts) and Lands' End.  Schoolbelles certificates come in $10, $25, $50, and $100 denominations and the rebate is 5%. They are in the Clothing Category on  Lands' End gift cards come in $25 and $100 and the rebate is currently 16%. They are in the Clothing and Catalog Categories on A limited supply of Schoolbelles and Lands' End SCRIP in inventory, so be sure to place your order online to get the amount you need.

Gift Certificate Blank Forms
Generic Gift Certificate form

Rebates from grocery purchases at
Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart and Whole Foods

Rebates earned through grocery stores and online purchases are split with the St. Francis School PTG. Half of the rebate is your tuition credit and the other half stays with the PTG.





Grocery Stores

  • Obtain a reloadable SCRIP card, which has a $0 balance.  ( under Groceries.)
  • Reload your card in the store, at the Customer Service Desk or at the register. If you load at the register, you can do it AFTER your groceries are rung up for the exact amount of your purchase. Credit earned = 5% for cash reloads, 3% for credit card reloads.

(online coupons)

  • Obtain a reloadable SCRIP card, which has a $0 balance.  ( under Groceries.)
  • Reload your card in the store, either at the Customer Service Desk or at the register.  If you load at the register, it must be BEFORE your groceries are rung up.  Credit earned = 5%.

  • Fill out this form and turn in at the Customer Service Desk.  SCRIP credits earned here are applied to the School Scholarship Fund.