Meet Our Leaders & Ministers

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Since 2005, St. Francis Parish has trained 10 Stephen Ministry Leaders. Today, five are at the helm. These leaders plan and execute all minister training, supervisor volunteer ministers and assign ministers to receivers.

Meet our Stephen Leaders

Marty Javornisky, Bob Ferris, Patricia Prettyman, Scott Wright and Karen Shellie (not pictured Kathi Tobey).

Meet out Stephen Ministers
Our first Stephen Ministry training class was in 2006 and since then we have trained 30 Stephen Ministers who have served over 50 members. Today, 22 ministers are active and serving our members on a confidential basis. These dedicated volunteers may minister one care receiver at a time; for a few months or longer. 

Front: Bryan Howay, Frank Meznarick, Patricia Prettyman, Diane Davidson, Donna Johnston, Gailann Smithseeley, Cathie Zmachinski, Janet Bourgon, Marilyn Jensen
Standing: Scott Wright, Rich Badics, Marty Javornisky, Bob Ferris, Karen Shellie, Mark Gawronski, Sylvia Prather, John Shaheen, Denise Fisher, Kathi Tobey 
(not pictured: Mary Lou Auchus and Donald Hobkirk and Nick Synko).

Testimonials from four Stephen Ministers   

"The scope and depth of the training program is impressive. Not only are we learning and practicing the skills needed to work in this Ministry, but also have access to many other materials and people who have experience in doing the same." -Mary Ianni


"It is an awesome responsibility and joy that Jesus decided to do his work in the world today through us." -Rich Badics

"The training for Stephen Ministry has been a life altering experience. Not only have I become a part of a wonderful new community of Stephen Ministers but also I have learned a great deal about myself and how to work with others." -Sara Maxam


"Stephen Ministers know that trying to help others is contagious. It affects your whole life and provides a wide variety of positive growth experiences to build upon."  -Neil Mueller

Forms and Resources
Stephen Ministry Application  (Printable PDF  Application)

Training Class Topics

Prayer Requests


Stephen Ministries

Leadership Links to Forms for Supervision & Interviews

L-6(15) Stephen Ministry Interview Sheet

L-6(5) Check In Statement Form

L-6(7) Contact Record Sheet

L-6(8) Distinctively-Christian-Care-Report

L-6(28) Stephen Ministers Progress Report

L-6(21) Refferals