Shelter Programs

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Are you experiencing homelessness?  Do you have no ongoing place to stay?  Are you an individual or family facing eviction? owe back rent?  
Please call HOUSING ACCESS for WASHTENAW COUNTY at 734-961-1999 - MONDAY – FRIDAY 8:30 AM – 5 PM.

Each year St. Francis parishioners coordinate shelter volunteers for hosting:

interfaith netwk.jpgInterfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) Shelter
Alpha House - for homeless families

Sign-up Here!  October (one week) and June (one week)

Looking for an opportunity to serve? Contact the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) of Washtenaw County at Alpha House at 734-822-0220, info [at] alphahouse-ihn [dot] org or Located at 4290 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103.


Shelter Association of Washtenaw County Rotating Shelter
St. Francis School Gym - for homeless men

Sign-up Here!  February or March (one week)

About a month before these shelter dates, more information will be the Forum, the Parish weekly bulletin and posted here.
(Read a Thank You Article , or see photos.)


The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County (S.A.W.C.) volunteers please visit and see the Volunteering tab.   Volunteers first attend an orientation of 1 ½ hours required, and, generally held monthly. To sign up for orientation, visit our website and see the Volunteering tab.  For more information contact our Volunteer Coordinator:  Deena McIntosh (734-662-2829 ext 226)  mcintoshd [at] ewashtenaw [dot] org

                                       Scott demonstrates a sleeping area in our School gym
                                    where we host the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County
                                         Rotating Shelter for homeless men.

“I volunteer at Alpha House because I am so humbled to realize my blessings when I return home to the comfort of my own space.” Crystal

“I believe it is important to give back. I have been blessed in this life, and this simple and pleasant gesture of working at the shelters is one way I can help my fellow man.”  Herb

“Somehow I feel closer to God when I help with the shelter!” Catherine

“I enjoy volunteering at Alpha House because there is a pervasive sense of respect and dignity among families, staff and volunteers. I live alone, and find that I look forward to sharing meals at Alpha House.”  Janet

“Spending time at Alpha House helps me better understand need.  When you meet and get to know neighbors in need of help, it becomes impossible to separate them in your mind from our community as a whole.”  Chris

"This is your opportunity to spend time with our guests, twenty-five men staying for seven consecutive nights during the Lenten season.     Evenings in the gym provide these men an occasion to share a bit of their story, an opportunity to momentarily forget a piece of their story or perhaps a chance to see their story in a new and different light. During snack time, some men will quickly choose a snack and return to their sleeping space on the gym floor. Others however will spend snack time talking with parishioners. We often find that volunteers come to the shelter expecting only to serve snacks and beverages to our guests. Volunteers leave having served these men much more than food. Their greatest service was time and attention. In return our guests offer perspective, insight and always a sincere spirit of appreciation."   Steve

For more information contact Scott Wright, Director of Parish Service + Justice Ministry Office, at swright [at] stfrancisa2 [dot] org or 734-821-2121.