Martin Luther King Day

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While he was not a Catholic himself, we celebrate the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. because his goals are completely aligned with the themes of Catholic Social Teaching:  the life and dignity of all people; the call to community participation and inclusion of all Americans, regardless of their skin color, in our democracy; the duty to advocate for those who are downtrodden, putting the needs of the poor and vulnerable first; and solidarity in our one human family, regardless of racial, ethnic, economic, and ideological differences.   The National Holiday is observed annually on the third Monday of January. Reverend King's actual birthday is January 15. 

Masses to commemorate Reverend King
Join St. Francis of Assisi Parish as we celebrate and honor the life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., through scripture and song, to recognize his good efforts and advancement of our Human Rights and Civil Rights as certainly in keeping with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Look for information in the Parish bulletin In early January for Masses where we will commemorate the memory of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Celebrations - Since 2008 - 2015, for eight (8) Years 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Mass, Choirs & Dinner
At the Sunday 5:00 pm Mass on Sunday, January 17, 2016, come and join us as we commemorate Reverend King, and, sign-up to eat and help with the dinner, here  Or, call 734-821-2121.

​Since 2008 our Parish has commemorated Reverend King at Masses. Each year since 2008 at the Sunday 5 pm Mass we welcomed the Contemporary Choir, under the direction of Thomas Kean (2015-2016) and, Carol Fedewa (2008-2014), and our sister parish Corpus Christi’s Choir, under the direction of Michelle Baines (2008-2016). A dinner followed Mass.

“. . . Dr. King’s life and the cause for which he died were in full accord with the teachings embedded in the Church’s social doctrine. Over the centuries, the Church has shown her concern for human life in society, for the relationships of justice and love that form the fabric of society. The Church has protected and promoted the dignity and rights of the person, and peace in the relationships between persons and between communities of persons. Dr. King, through his life, his work and his death, championed the dignity and rights of his people—and of all people. Join with us in commemorating him at our Masses by praying for the coming of peace and justice throughout the world.” - Phil Kearney

For more information contact the Parish Service + Justice Ministry Office, Scott Wright at swright [at] stfrancisa2 [dot] org or 821-2121