Peace & Justice

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peace+justice-logo-s.jpg“If you want Peace, work for Justice”
- His Holiness Pope Paul VI, The Celebration of the Day of Peace, Jan. 1, 1972


The Peace & Justice Committee serves as the link between the parish and the larger community–educating, advocating, and promoting peace, justice, and social concerns relevant to Catholic Social Teaching.  The Church’s social teaching focuses on building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society; it includes topics such as:  the dignity of human life, human rights, care for the Earth and its resources, the preferential option for the poor and vulnerable, workers’ rights, and solidarity with all our human family.    -revised 2011

For more information contact:
Kelly Gauthier at chaysayd [at] yahoo [dot] com / 734-769-0807 or the Parish Service + Justice Ministry Office, Scott Wright at swright [at] stfrancisa2 [dot] org or 734-821-2121.


Housing Vulnerable Children in Kenya: Progress Update (2016-02-19) (Posted on our blog here.) & (Past Updates)

Sister Agnes Khati, SOM (Sisters of Mary) visited St. Francis of Assisi at the 2014 parish picnic with her friends, St. Francis parishioners Tom and Mary Wakefield.  Sr. Agnes is in search of "angels" to help build a dormitory in Kakamega, Kenya, for the 40 school children she has taken in who have a school but no safe place to live.

Ongoing efforts, including a special collection, on the weekend of January 18th, 2015, here at St. Francis, have raised half of the $64,000 needed.  Ground has been broken and progress is being made on the building.  The fundraising effort continues.

The sisters help with some of the labor.  Their hearts are grateful for the St. Francis community's support. Please hold this effort in your prayers.  If you would like to be an Angel for the children of St. Joseph Academy and help them complete their safe shelter, you can contact Mary Wakefield at 734-973-6113 for information on how to contribute.  For more information on this effort, see FAQs   ~~~   St. Joseph Academy - dormitory floor plan    ~~~    Kenya map   ~~~   FACEBOOK    ~~~



Sustainability Project at St. Francis: Deeping the connection between faith and ecology, creation & climate. We are rethinking our energy use, transportation, land & water, food, buildings, purchasing & recycling, culture/behavior-change so that we reduce our carbon footprint and serve as better stewards of God’s creation.


Peace & Justice Efforts
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Organizations With Whom We Affiliate
The Interfaith Council of Peace & Justice

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Prolife 

Pax Christi Michigan

Michigan Peace Team

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Catholic Social Teaching Applied - articles we have written

Service4Jusitce blog

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