Holy Thursday Collection

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Each year on Holy Thursday at the Mass of the Last Supper the collection is designated to be given to a special cause/concern in the HOLY LAND.

Special Collections:
St. Francis Parish community members are generous in supporting the special needs in the HOLY LAND. See the FORUM, the Parish weekly newsletter for collection information.

Holy Thursday Special Collections St. Francis has held in the past:

2016:  Dominican Sisters in Iraq ...  ...  ... 

2015:  The Society of St. Yves in the Holy Land, a human rights organization in Jerusalem that works on behalf of the poor by representing them in the courts system.

2014: Pilgrims of Ibillin - in the Holy Land!

(In years past our St. Francis Parish Holy Thursday collection has gone to support a variety of organizations from a variety of continents.   Our Parish Pastoral Team wants to return to consistently supporting the HOLY LAND on HOLY THURSDAY.)

2013: Water Missions Internationala nonprofit Christian engineering mission that provides clean, safe water to people in developing countries and disaster areas.

2012: Life Straws (for people in Africa who don't have access to clean drinking water). 

2011: Pro Mujer, which provides education and job training to women throughout Latin America  

2010: Pilgrims of Ibillin 

2009: Pilgrims of Ibillin 

2006-2008: Help AIDS Survivors through the work of HARC (HIV/AIDS Resource Center) in Port au Prince Haiti through the work of The Commission of Women Victims for Victims (KOFAVIV), which serves victims of rape

2005: Help AIDS Survivors in Michigan through the work of HIV / AIDs Resource Center (H.A.R.C.) in Ann Arbor and/or Wellness House of Michigan in Detroit

2003-2004: Help AIDS Orphans in Africa through the work of Catholic Relief Services & Save Africa’s Children

2002: Safe House Domestic Violence Project

2001: Holy Family Ministries Camp

2000: Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to Assist poor in Mozambique

For more information contact Scott Wright, Director of Parish Service + Justice Ministry Office, at swright [at] stfrancisa2 [dot] org or 821-2121.

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