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Lenten Effort - Almsgiving

Our Parish Lenten project for the Diocese of Kottapuram, India totaled $18,306.00 on 2016-04-24. (On 02-04-2016 A Thank You Letter from Bishop Joseph Karikkassery) (Forum bulletin 2016-04-24) (Forum bulletin 2016-09-04) And, the following letter, and linked attachments, came on July-03-2016.

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Dear Rev. Fr. James,

With much joy I send you a short narration of all that we could accomplish with the money which you have
contributed. We thank you and your parishioners for being so generous and kind. Being aware of the great
sacrifices that were made by you your parishioners to get this money, I have been very careful in utilizing it
for the most essential needs of our target group..

As promised I am writing to you and to your good-hearted parishioners, what we could accomplish with your
support. The Kottapuram Integrated Development Society (KIDS) always gives importance to the promotion of
developmental and social welfare activities for the needy, irrespective of caste, creed or community.
We will update the improvement of the project every month. I hope you will be able to share this with all the
parishioners so that they will see their sacrifice is bearing fruit somewhere as it gives life to some very needy

Altogether, we had spent a total of Rs. 1,83,000/- during the past month. I am sending you a brief narration of
what has been happening at our end. (India-Lenten-2016-June-monthly-report A video also is attached regarding the children’s program.

With warm and prayerful regards,
Fr. Nixon Kattassery,
Executive Director

Here we publish a brief summary of the letter from Bishop Joseph Karikkassery and Fr. Nixon Kattassery, Executive Director, dated July-03-2016
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During the Lenten season we pray, fast, and give alms.  The Lenten Season is a time of sacrifice almsgiving and prayer, in preparation for our renewal. Participate in our parish Lenten Drive, learn, pray and  collect your monetary offerings from savings by preparing simpler meals or making other sacrifices for those living in harsh poverty conditions.

Give in solidarity with those less fortunate. 

Each week through bulletin articles we will learn about the great work done by the Diocese of Kottapuram, India, to assist families in time of need, to care for the elderly and the disabled, educate farm workers and help finance small cottage industries that help communities to grow and prosper.

Please return your
cash and/or check contributions
Palm Sunday, March 20, 2016.
Checks should be payable to: 
St. Francis of Assisi, 2150 Frieze Ave., Ann Arbor, MI  48104.
2016 Help a Family and a Community in India: Fr. Bosco’s home diocese   (a printable page)
Deepen your family’s Lenten experience and make a difference in the lives of the poor.   
Our Lenten almsgiving support is for the people in the Diocese of Kottapuram, India.  We recall fondly the years Fr. Bosco Padamattummal (2010-2013) served our St. Francis Parish, (and now he is pastor at St. Mary Parish in Manchester, Michigan).  Our parish was blessed to get to know a bit about the people in India and their efforts.  Their bishop's organization there, is "working for the up-liftment of the poor and needy people in Kerala, India, the coastal areas of Ernakulam and Thrissur District.  (PDF information and images) (A Letter from Bishop Joseph Karikkassery)

Thanks for participating in our Lenten Drive. Remember to pray for, and support, those challenged to care for their families, in Kottapuram, and Kerala, INDIA.  Each week we will learn more about the programs for: children, cancer patients, elderly, physically and/or mentally challenged workers, family farms and fishing. As the diocese of Kottapuram undertakes these and many more services, all offered to anyone in need, irrespective of creed or caste, the financial burden falls on the small Catholic community.



Past Lenten Efforts  - Our St. Francis of Assisi Parish Peace and Justice Committee is proud to have presented several of the following original Lenten Efforts/Projects.

2016: Sack is to Help a Family and a Community in India  --- Our Parish Lenten project for the Diocese of Kottapuram, India totaled $18,306.00, on 2016-04-24. --- Help the Kottappuram, India, Diocese Mission, called, "KIDS" which is overseen by Bishop Joseph Karikkassery, Fr. Bosco's Bishop (A Letter). Kottapuram Integrated Development Society (KIDS), which is the official organ for Social Action of the Diocese, established in 1987 simultaneously with the formation of the Diocese of Kottapuram.  (PDF information and images)

2015: "CRS Rice Bowl" - What you give up for Lent changes lives.  (Articles, Activities Calendar and Recipes


2014: "CRS Rice Bowl" - What you give up for Lent changes lives.  (Articles, Activities Calendar and Recipes)  (St. Francis Parish blog...  & Other Recipes published)


2013: "Sustain a House Sack" - Fight Poverty - help a a community!  Support of our Habitat for Humanity Catholic House, partner family seeking decent housing and sustainable living.  .... (Articles and blog...)   (Activities Calendar)

2012: "Neighbors in Need Sack"  - Support of our local neighbors who are struggling for food, housing, and care of poverty stricken elderly.  Our direct service partnership is with Washtenaw Catholic Social Services.  As of May 2012, total contributions were $10,719.00 . (Articles and blog...)   (Activities Calendar)

2011: "Sack Homelessness Sack" - Have a Heart for those without a Home!  In solidarity with Religious Action for Affordable Housing (RAAH) capital campaign, in Washtenaw County, to alleviate homelessness and eliminate its causes in our community. As of April, 27, 2011 total offerings were $10,503.00. (Articles and blog...) (Activities Calendar)


2010: “Energy Fast to Sack HungerAs of April 4, 2010, total offerings were $9,282.75 for Food Gatherers.  (FORUM February 14, 2010.  Article is on page 12.  Caendar is on pages 13 & 14.) (And, an article each week near page 11 or 13... of FORUM Feb 21; Feb 28;etc....)  (Recipes published.)

2009: "Let Us Build a House" - Habitat for Humanity Catholic House and RAAH - Housing in Washtenaw County.  As of April 4, 2009, total offerings were $11,223.21. Split with Habitat for Humanity and RAAH. Lenten Book Sale contributes Honduras Mission and the Mission of Hope to India.

2008: "Rice Bowl, Operation" with CRS. As of April 7, 2008, total offerings were $12,383.21

2007: "Adopt-a-House Rebuild-a-Home", in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. As of April 30, 2007, total offerings were $24,237.20

2006: "St. Paul the Apostle, New Orleans, Tile Drive",  As of April 17, 2006 total offerings were $33,491.00.Sack Homelessness.jpg

2000-2005: "Rice Bowl, Operation" with CRS.

The Peace and Justice Committee of St. Francis organizes the Lenten drive each year. We invite your ideas. Please sign up online to volunteer. For more information contact Scott Wright, Director of Parish Service + Justice Ministry Office, at swright [at] stfrancisa2 [dot] org or 821-2121.

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