Advent Efforts

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And prepare to meet Jesus in the stranger and in unexpected circumstances.




Join Us
As Christmas becomes increasingly commercialized, and consumption is often more glorified than God, Advent offers us a chance for introspection and reflection – an oasis of peace in this busy season.

During the Advent season we prepare for the celebration of meeting Jesus in the stranger or in sometimes unexpected circumstances.

For additional volunteer service project opportunities in our parish and community visit our Sign-Up Forms.


Past Advent Efforts
Our St. Francis of Assisi Peace and Justice Committee is proud to present the following original Advent efforts and projects themes:

The 2011 Advent Effort - The art exhibit, “LEttERS hoME” Art Installation in the gathering space at the front of the Church.

The art exhibit, “LEttERS hoME” Art Installation in the gathering space at the front of the Church. What inspired the artist to share this Story of a modern day Holy Family? Home less Inspired Art!  (Advent 2010 article archive)

There is Room at the Inn! Our Advent theme 2008 reminds us that here at St. Francis there is room for the strangers.  Each week of Advent we offer a story of welcoming with an invitation to consider ways in which You Too Can Help the immigrants, unemployed, homeless & pregnant.   Just as Joseph, Mary and Jesus, were poor strangers seeking a place to be counted, we too know what it is to welcome and to seek a welcome.  Today, we are honored to recognize Jesus, in the stranger, in the needy persons who have chosen to share Life with us here at St. Francis. “I was a stranger and you invited me into your homes…”  - Matthew 25:35-36    (Advent 2008 article archive

Seek Christ! Seek Simplicity for Christmas. Honor Jesus Christ on his birthday!  Share ideas!  Be Proactive for Advent and Christmas time.   (Advent 2007 article archive

For more information contact Scott Wright, Director of Parish Service + Justice Ministry Office, at swright [at] stfrancisa2 [dot] org or 821-2121.