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Welcome to ST 101!  Theology of the Cross: St. Paul's Letters to the Galatians

Explore Saint Paul and the mystery of the cross in our lives.  Talks and Text from the 4 week series are included below:

Highlights from Week 4:  A review and focus on St. Paul's view towards politics, women, and the culture wraps up the series today.  For the on-line talk and full text, please see the links to the left under Theology of the Cross on-line Talks.  Comments or questions can be left on the blog below.

Highlights from Week 3: Assets, credits, debts, and liabilities is often how we live our lives with regards to our standing before God.  God calls us to relationship.  Today's talk focuses on Saint Paul's ideas on the cross as expiation for our sins, freeing us for a relationship with God.  Online talk can be found by clicking on the week 3 in the column to the left.  Comments or questions can be left on the blog found below.

Read the full text here.

HIghlights from Week 2:  Paul's conversion was a continuity in belief in which he saw the hopes of his faith fulfilled in Christ. Paul preaches "Christ Crucified," and invites his listeners to relationship with Christ.  The Mosaic law can not save, for one cannot earn one's way to heaven.  Faith in Jesus Christ saves, as faith brings us into relationship with God and involves a change of the heart.  Living in an active relationship with God leads to good works. Christianity is a religion not of us seeking God, but of the God who loves us, seeking us.  Read the full text of today's talk here.  

Today's talk is in two parts:

Watch the video from Tuesday, March 18 part 1

Watch the video from Tuesday, March 18 part 2 

Highlights from Week 1:  Today's talk summarized the background of Saint Paul and explored the motivations for his conversion and later fervor in spreading the gospel message. Especially poignant is Paul's presence and approval of the stoning of Stephen (Acts 7:54-60,) and Paul's later realization that in his (Saul) participation of the killing of Stephen, he was also a participant in the crucifixion of Jesus (Matthew 25:40).  Read the full text of today's talk here.  

Turn up the volume when you watch this one.  Watch the video from Tuesday, March 11