Our Pipe Organ

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Orgues Létourneau Ltée Specifications
Great: Bourdon 16’, Principal 8’, Open flute8’, Octave 4’, Super Octave 2’, Mixture IV 1-1/3’, Trumpet 8’

Swell: Bourdon 8’, Viola di gamba 8’, Voix celeste 8’, Koppelflute 4’, Nazard 2-2/3’, Flachflute 2’, Tierce 1-3/5’, Mixture V 2’, Basson 16’, Oboe 8’, Clairon 4’, Tremulant

Positiv: Gemshorn 8’, Holzgedact 8’, Principal 4’, Rohrflute 4’, Octave 2’, Scharf III 1/2', Quint 1-1/3’, Cromorne 8’

Pedal: Principal 16’, Subbass 16’, Octave Bass 8’, Gedact Pommer 8’, Choral Bass 4’, Mixture III 2-2/3’, Posaune 16’, Trumpet 8’

Couplers: Pos/Gt; Sw/Gt; Sw/Pos; Gt/Ped; Pos/Ped; Sw/Ped
Mechanical key action; electric stop action with multiple-memory combination action

34 stops, 45 ranks, 2,337 pipes


The St. Francis Church Organ
Orgues Létourneau Ltée

A dedicated parishioner in our St. Francis family advocated for the acquisition of a pipe organ. This parishioner, Marie Breene Horner, was an accomplished organist whose vision was brought to fruition in 1994 with the installation of the magnificent organ now in our church.

Mr. Fernand Letourneau of Letourneau Organs in Quebec, was selected by a committee of interested St. Francis parishioners, the director of music Janelle O'Malley, Professor James Kibbie, and then pastor Fr. Charles Irvin, to develop plans and fashion the instrument.

An awe-inspiring organ which has rosewood keys for sharp and flat notes, a maze of 2300 polished tin and lead pipes, a massive electric motor that provides air pressure through the system, and 34 separate stops for sound quality and volume. It stands 25 feet high, takes up 200 square feet, and cost $420,000.

The blessing and dedication of the Letourneau organ, along with the inaugural recital, took place on December 18, 1994. This marvelous organ has not only enhanced the quality of our own worship, but has also become a resource for the greater Ann Arbor community, including the University Musical Society at the University of Michigan.


St. Francis of Assisi Organ Concerts
Come and hear the organ at St. Francis during the August Organ Recital Series held every summer. You’ll enjoy a large variety of concert repertoire that explores the various timbres and capabilities of the organ you may not have the opportunity to hear regularly at Mass. Details for each year’s August Series will be published in the bulletin and posted on the website at the beginning of July.

The American Guild of Organists

The American Guild of Organists: Ann Arbor Chapter

Létourneau  Organs

National Pastoral Musicians

University of Michigan Musical Society and St. Francis