School of Discipleship

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Faith development needs at the age of eighteen, thirty, fifty-one, or even eighty-five have changed greatly over the years. Life experience challenges us to search deeper into the meaning of our relationship with God and others, our understanding of prayer, the approaches to Catholic social teachings, and the moral and ethical teachings that guide us in everyday life.

Our appreciation for the richness of our Catholic tradition is both affirmed and challenged as we age. That would not be possible if we are not invited to take a step into study, dialogue, reflection, prayer and learning as an adult.

The St. Francis School of Discipleship is a series of twelve courses of theology and Scripture for all of the adults of our parish. Our basics for all of these classes are a Catholic Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. No quizzes, virtually no homework, and no finals! Our instructors come from both the Diocese of Lansing and the Archdiocese of Detroit. They are faith-filled instructors passionate about their faith.

Currently, the School of Discipleship is on hiatus from 2011-13. Check out our School of Spirituality that will be held in its place.  

School of Spirituality