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Checking Out Materials
A notebook with sign-out sheet, pencil, date due stampers, and ink pad will be available on the center table. Patrons should write the date, their name and telephone number, names of books and/or videos, and barcode number(s) on sign-out sheet. Barcode numbers are found on the white label on the back of the book or video is a 5-digit number.  Stamp the date due slip(s) inside books & videos. Materials are checked out for 3 weeks. Volunteers may after Masses to help with check out.

Children Using the Library
We have a limited selection of materials oriented to children, but encourage children of all ages to visit and enjoy the library.  Any child over six is allowed to use the library him or herself.  However, we want the library to be a safe and fun experience for children.  You can help us accomplish this by not leaving small children unattended, even while you're in the church.