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The Door of Mercy: Crossing the Threshold

The Latin word for mercy, misericordia, is derived from the two words miserere (“pity” or “misery”) and cor (“heart”). When we ask for God’s mercy, we are essentially asking him to relieve us of a heart that is in misery. Our hearts can be in a state of misery not just from sin, but from the deep hurt caused by a broken relationship with a family member, from the pain of a physical or mental illness, from losing a job, from being betrayed or abandoned, from spiritual or physical poverty, and so on.

It is the nature of God’s mercy that His heart extends into our misery and redeems it. This is the answer to the mystery of human suffering as it relates to redemption. Mercy signifies that God draws our misery into His own infinitely loving heart. "The Lord will renew you in His love."


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