Gifts (Treasure)

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When we commit to return a portion of our blessings back to God, with the tithe as our model, we express the importance of our faith as well as our joy at having received and our ability to give. Contributions to St. Francis Parish help with the good works of Christ that we are doing for our parishioners and greater community. In sharing your gifts (treasure) with your parish, you can be confident that your donations are used prudently and that you are doing God's work.

Help God accomplish His work. Give of your gifts (treasure) joyfully. Let your open and trusting spirit guide you. Put God first on your “list” of financial obligations. He depends on each and every one of us to help build His Kingdom on earth.

Donation Envelopes and Sunday Offering Direct Debit
If you request donation envelopes, they will be mailed to your home every 2 months. Please consider making your offering through a direct debit transfer. This once a month transfer, on the first business day after the first of Sunday of the month, is offered without added cost to the parishioner. Fill out and return the Sunday Offering Direct Debit Form linked below.