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Stewardship: Forming a Partnership with God

"Remember that when you leave this earth,
you take with you nothing that you have received -
only what you have given:
a full heart enriched by honest
service, love, sacrifice and courage."
                                                                                 - St Francis of Assisi

At St. Francis of Assisi Parish, we are guided by the principle that Stewardship is a spiritual and biblically-based lifestyle that begins with conversion of the heart translating into a lifestyle of service to God. Our service to God is out of love and gratitude for what he has given us, knowing that it’s not how much we have, but what we do with what we have that’s important. This conversion of the heart recognizes that our gifts and works are blessings from God and that all that we do in our families, community and world should bring glory to God.

If you would like to help plan and promote creative ways to involve our entire parish in sharing their gifts and works with our community and world, please contact Colleen Pierce, Director of Stewardship and Development at or 734-821-2208.

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